Dating a catfighter

Appraisers are hired to divide divorcing couples’ belongings, so these diamonds are not aspirational (though I’m sure you could do worse).

The moral of the story here is that you don't go starting shit with chicks from Boston on fratastic, drunken beaches during Spring Break unless you're ready to eat sand after having your bell brutally rung.

Everything about these videos screams chaotic shitshow.

Gotta love the ending there when her friend, or more likely -- some random beachcombing vagrant -- tries to rally her with a quick hit of nicotine.

"Where there's money and men and booze involved," joked 53-year-old Sonja Morgan, "there's always drama." Lori Loughlin and her teenage daughter, Isabella Giannulli, stopped by Page Six to discuss life as a Hollywood family in the age of social media.

You may add a blini because Janeane Garofalo costars, but you must remove some of the caviar because Iovine’s divorce from music-producer husband Jimmy after more than two decades of marriage made me sad, and a self-help author “navigat[ing] her life as a single woman in her early 40s in Los Angeles” could be even more depressing. that “[w]hen incredibly talented author and New York socialite Jill Kargman stomped her way into our offices we knew we had found Bravo’s very own Lena Dunham or Louis C. We’ve all had a lot of sparkling wine, and we need numbers; we need math. Their feud reached its zenith when both women signed up to costar in the 1962 movie Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?Double Oscar-winner Davis, whose films included Jezebel and All About Eve, agreed to the role only after being assured by director Robert Aldrich that he was not sleeping with Crawford, who won an Oscar starring in Mildred Pierce.The duo’s amicable beginning lasted hours before the knives were out.Davis was outraged that Crawford was trying to win the hearts and minds of the crew by sending them gifts and notes, and sent a note of her own telling Crawford to “Get off the c**p! television empire, Colicchio’s criticism outside the HOW FANCY: 0. I think it encourages platonic friends to date, but the use of the phrase “a true social experiment” is disconcerting.


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