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More Femme Fatale shots can be seen at Classic Film Star Photos. But Landis did it via a combination of confident personality and a face and body that would cost a fortune to buy today.

In addition to Grable, Landis steals and One Million B.

She is extremely intelligent, but is more book-smart rather than street-smart, the opposite of Ce Ce.

She is a vegetarian and believes strongly in human and animal rights.

Each creative spread is packed with so much beauty and talent that I hope will delight, including some sensational fashion and venue exclusives, new collection reveals, never seen before spaces in which to say “I do” and more pages of stylish real weddings than ever before!

Xavier (1 episode)Ricky Nestor (1 episode)D'Artagnan (1 episode)Bryan (1 episode)Harrison (1 episode)Matt Tucker (1 episode)Julio Xasiver (1 episode)Justin Starr (celeb crush)Howie (1 episode) Logan Hunter (3 episodes)Mark (Future Husband) Rocky is school-smart, responsible, driven,adorable sweetie and practical - and she always finds herself being dragged into Ce Ce's plans.

She is an extremely pretty girl, who is described as generous, funny, smart, friendly, and overachieving.

(Marie Windsor, Maxine Cooper and Jane Russell are better defined as 1950s fatales.) But beyond these are some mostly forgotten screen-melting babes who first helped change the face of women in film, and society for that matter.

Here we remember ten that if nothing else deserve to be remembered. In the noir classic, I Wake Up Screaming, Landis "plain" sister is played by... Imagine outshining "the woman who won World War II".


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