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But there were also a number of great ideas that might help solve some of the challenges facing your investment community.If you’re a community leader reading this, we hope you’ll try a few of these ideas.[ Tl;dr: Today we’re launching the new – a network of high-quality email newsletters.We have eight live newsletters, and we’re launching an exciting system that allows intelligent readers like yourself to decide which newsletter we launch next.Roundtables: An avenue for discussions with industry veterans over a variety of topics.Arena: Witness one of the most intense 7-way pitch battle, a staple in every Tech in Asia conference.We give candid feedback and rank the talks before you see them.

Time and again, a new investor comes into contact with one aspect of their startup community.

FREE TICKETS FOR FOUNDERS: Founders can come for free by clicking to tweet this message (limited to the first 1,000 folks): 2.

Buy a Summit ticket for 5, which includes lunch & downloadable copies of all the videos from the event for your team. Buy a VIP ticket for 5, which includes lunch, videos of all the talks, and a seat at the two intimate dinners. If you build a tool or provide a service for startups and/or investors, you can present your tool for 10 minutes on stage in exchange for helping support the event as a partner. You can nominate someone (including yourself) to be part of the SCALE 100 speed-dating program, which is limited to 100 founders.

Whether you’re a founder, wantrepreneur, developer, student, or anyone interested in the tech startup scene and looking to connect with over 4,500 ambitious tech geeks, this is one place you’ll feel just at home!

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