There are basically two types of event receivers: Synchronous and Asynchronous event receivers.Synchronous event receivers are also known as ‘Before’ event receivers.From the settings menu on the calendar choose create view. Name your view after one of the meeting rooms and add filtering criteria as below.

They are used to perform some custom action after an event occurs.To recap on the previous post we are aiming to avoid the following problems when creating Share Point 2010 taxonomy fields through features: We found the first problem was due to a missing note field when creating a list definition that used the site column.The second problem was due to the missing Tax Catch All and Tax Catch All Label columns and missing event receivers on the list definition.The first part of this two part series discussed some of the problems with provisioning Share Point 2010 managed metadata fields.This post will cover a robust method of deploying Share Point 2010 managed metadata columns in a way that avoids common errors and enables the columns to automatically show up in the search refinement panel.A common usage for Sharepoint is meeting room bookings.


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