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(laughter) People tell me that I have the ‘class president’ image but I wasn’t a model student nor was I a bad one. I tried everything, such as cheating, skipping class, pulling all-nighters, to leave no regrets.” He added, “I am similar to ‘In Soo’ in my personality.I seem like an extrovert but I also have an introverted side to me. I lived away from my parents when I was in middle school and have been living alone for about ten years.She first started her career as model for the clothing company STORM and then caught the eyes of many by appearing in the music video for "To Heaven" by Jo Seong-mo (조성모). I felt much better when I saw, that she`s making 3 new movies (or made). A fine example of moral standards we all should strive for. her figure is Nice and shes a bit too skinny but she is still really beautiful and her face is a bit Old looking but if you see it and look at it again it actually looks fresh and new and pretty.Ha-neul's acting career began in earnest with her 1998 performance, opposite Ji-tae Yu, in the troubled youth film "Bye June". Jeeez, she`s my favourite actress, really I can call her an icon of Korean cinema. So Stop hating on her i bet none of the haters can act s go as she can. :) I like her in on air and her current drama, gentleman's dignity.

At the time, her agency declared that they had decided to tie the knot after a year of serious dating based on the love and trust they have for one another.Kang Ha-neul is also a student named Hee-yeol and he asked for good reviews about the movie on SNS.Director Kim Joo-hwan-I hoped the audience returned home full of energy after watching the movie.(laughter) If I can’t clean the house in the morning, I clean at night.” When commented that he seems to have an affectionate personality, Kang Ha Neul revealed, “I’m affectionate when I have a girlfriend and prepare small events too. There was a girl who left me because she got sick of me,” causing laughter.Kim Ha-Neul, born February 21, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea, is a famous model & actress. Ha-neul's immediate family consists of her mother, father, and one younger brother. Probably because it was not the same story line or the characters were not very convincing. I haven`t seen her in the movie for so long, so I thougth that something wrong was happen to her... ...i first saw her in "My tutor friend"and ever since then i m a fan of her,though she looked very ordinary in that movie..what a transformation in her later work..i m following her work i m amazed to see that she in every second handpicked best suggested work be it the dramaz or movies......n she is extraordinary with her face expressions....from India...:) I first saw your film " Paradise " and was enthralled by the story. I was impressed by the moral standards and your characters resolve and upbeat attitude to do the right thing regardless of her personal burdens. Really baaghhhhh She is normal but the more you look at her she's very unique and very pretty.Since that time, Ha-neul moved away from that image by first taking on more comedic roles in 2003's "My Tutor Friend" and 2004's "Too Beautiful to Lie" - both of which were box-office hits. I love your movie Remember You : D Have a copy of 7 Government Agent since 2010.


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