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Mumz the word until she decides she wants to be exclusive with the beautiful Ms.

On the next season of Love & Hip Hop Hollwood” fans will see a shocking new relationship between (apparently) bi bangers Miss Nikki Baby and Rosa Acosta.

“Nikki and I are cool and we like doing business together,” Rosa said.

And of course, just like every reality star, they dropped the “you’ll have to watch the show” see what’s really going.

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Many other adventures that it is about existing and living as women tend to be sexually aroused by the idea of working with jewellery.

Rosa has appeared on Straight from the Horses Mouth, Walter Latham’s Comedy After Dark and Bird as well.The women stepped onto the red carpet hand in hand and appeared to be infatuated with each other. “We are really good friends and workout partners,” Rosa said while wrapping her arm around Carter.“She keeps me motivated.” Carter chimed in and jokingly (or not) said, “Basically, I help her upper and she helps my lower, my legs. The dancer’s love life has always been in question, but it appears as though there is a new budding relationship that might be growing into something special.Hip Hollywood attended an event for Nikki Muddarris and Rosa’s pop up shop, Cossamia in Los Angeles over the weekend, and Rosa arrived to the event arm in arm with fitness guru, Carter the Body.Rosa won the XXL magazine’s ‘Eye Candy of the Year’ in 2009 through a vote.


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