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If approved, you can click to draw funds anytime and repay us over 12 weeks.Here’s what the Direct Draw dashboard looks like: Giving business owners access to Fundbox Credit to overcome timely cash flow gaps.sol_hsa has completed his Direct Draw upgrade ddhack!It now works with all Kilrathi Saga games - Wing Commanders 1, 2 & 3 - plus the Windows version of Wing Commander 4.

You simply connect your business bank account and we automatically review your transactions to assess the health of your business.

Fundbox technology offers small business owners business financing in a few clicks by advancing payments for outstanding invoices or simply drawing funds directly from their Fundbox Credit™.

Cn C-DDraw is a graphics system override which fixes many of the graphical bugs in the Command & Conquer games that use 256-color full-screen Direct Draw as graphics system.

Cn C-DDraw gets around these bugs by means of a file put in the game folder, which then receives and handles all graphics output from the game instead of the real Direct Draw system.

The Cn C-DDraw dll then displays the graphics on a graphics surface which uses either GDI software rendering or Open GL.


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