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And, on the other, the people who are have been the beneficiaries of this transfer have left unpaid bills all over the shop. It’s a depressingly familiar list: property, pensions, the NHS, further education, student debt, the national debt and so on.

" then the Propellerheads' sold-out, overflow-only, "you're-sweating-in-my-Heinekin" showcase at South by Southwest '98 was a resounding, "Yes." It was a watershed moment for SXSW, whose previously limited success in the guitarless world of techno and electronica had resulted in less-than-amazing draws, despite occasional heavy-hitters like '96's Spring Heel Jack showcase.Not to mention he had previous experience in the domain of apocalypse breakthrough but nooo, he decides to repeat the mistakes seen before. I know there are many gems out there, where you need to go logic free and just enjoy what you're seeing, but this time, it's beyond anything remotely acceptable.After around 40 minutes, logic breaks lose, runs far far away and we remain with so many unanswered questions, you can't even keep track of them. The ending itself is truly pitiful, I seriously couldn't believe it whatsoever, I knew it was about to hit its last minutes, yet I never gave up on it, always hoped for something to happen and leave me with a so-so feeling about it.Meanwhile, you live in a tiny shared rented flat in Zone 4, working in a job whose wages are so meagre it may as well be in internship.Worries about your own pension don’t really come into it: you’re more concerned about next month’s rent which, of course, is funding some 57-year old’s third buy to-let-investment. On one hand there has been a huge intergenerational transfer of wealth upwards.


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