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If LILO is installed on the MBR, it replaces the MS-DOS boot loader. One is the installation of the software itself on the system (but does not activate LILO), the second one is the installation (activation) of the LILO bootloader on the disk's MBR.The result is that the Windows NT loader transfers control to LILO, which then boots Linux.In addition to booting Linux, LILO can boot other operating systems, such as MS-DOS, Windows 95/98, or OS/2.If you want your system to dual boot Linux and Windows 95/98, you can install LILO on the master boot record (MBR) and set it up to let you select the system to boot.Dual booting Linux and Windows NT is not quite as straightforward, because Windows NT has its own loader on the MBR, and it expects to be the one in charge.LILO can be installed on the master boot record (MBR) of your hard drive or as a secondary boot loader on the Linux partition.A few days ago I reinstalled Slackware 14.2 and noticed that there is no /etc/ However, there'll probably be more knowledgeable people who will hop in here and provide you better guidance.

Unlike many other operating systems that hide the underlying details of how they work, Linux (and in particular, Slackware) gives you full control over the boot process.LILO consists of several pieces, including the boot loader itself, a configuration file (), which reads the configuration file and uses the information to create or update the map file and to install the files LILO needs.At any time you may hit [Tab] to see a list of kernel/other labels.diff -u lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.kernel-postrm lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.kernel-postrm --- lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.kernel-postrm lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.kernel-postrm @@ -2,2 2,4 @@ -# Do not abort kernel removal in case of error -lilo &2 "Warning: Not updating LILO; /etc/not found" fi diff -u lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.initramfs-post-update lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.initramfs-post-update --- lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.initramfs-post-update lilo-22.8/debian/lilo.initramfs-post-update @@ -7,5 7,9 @@ ;; *) - lilo &2 "Warning: Not updating LILO; /etc/not found" fi ;; esac diff -u lilo-22.8/debian/changelog lilo-22.8/debian/changelog --- lilo-22.8/debian/changelog lilo-22.8/debian/changelog @@ -1,3 1,11 @@ lilo (.8-8.3) unstable; urgency=high * Non-maintainer upload.* Change kernel and initramfs hook scripts to do nothing if does not exist (Closes: #594479) -- Ben Hutchings Source: lilo Source-Version: .8-8.3 We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of lilo, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive: lilo-doc_22.8-8.3_to main/l/lilo/lilo-doc_22.8-8.3_lilo_22.8-8.3gz to main/l/lilo/lilo_22.8-8.3gz lilo_22.8-8.3to main/l/lilo/lilo_22.8-8.3lilo_22.8-8.3_i386to main/l/lilo/lilo_22.8-8.3_i386A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is attached.With a Compact Flash disk, for instance, containing the Linux filesystem and mounted on a desktop Linux development machine, a few hoops need to be jumped through in order to install the bootloader onto the Compact Flash card.Versions of packages lilo suggests: pn lilo-doc (no description available) -- debconf information: liloconfig/fstab_broken: liloconfig/banner: liloconfig/use_lba32: true liloconfig/configuring_base: lilo/runme: false liloconfig/wipe_old_liloconf: false liloconfig/activate_error: * lilo/new-config: liloconfig/maintitle: liloconfig/mbr_error: liloconfig/lilo_warning: liloconfig/no_changes: lilo/add_large_memory: true liloconfig/liloconf_incompatible: lilo/bad_bitmap: lilo/upgrade: liloconfig/liloconf_exists: liloconfig/use_current_lilo: true liloconfig/instruction: liloconfig/select_bitmap: /boot/liloconfig/lilo_error: liloconfig/odd_fstab: liloconfig/install_from_root_device: true liloconfig/make_active_partition: true liloconfig/install_mbr: false -- Moshe Yudkowsky * [email protected]* "Morality is alright, but what about dividends?


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